Therapeutic Behavioral On Site Services (TBOS)

Are intended to prevent recipients who have complex needs from requiring placement in a more intensive, restrictive behavioral health setting. These services are coordinated through individualized treatment teams and are designed to assist recipients and their families. Therapeutic behavioral on-site services are intended to maintain the recipient in the home (permanent or foster).  The treatment team must include the recipient and recipient’s family, guardian, caregivers, other persons who provide natural, informal support to the family system, and the professionals involved in providing services.

Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services (TBOS) are delivered in a non-provider setting, such as home, school, shelter care facility, foster home or detention center, to child and/or caretakers involved in the case.  It includes behavioral or developmental assessment of the child in order to define, delineate, and evaluate treatment needs; the development, implementation, and monitoring of a behavioral management program for the child; individual therapy between the child and the Therapeutic On-Site Services practitioner; and family counseling involving the child, the child’s family or other responsible persons and the Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services practitioner.

  • Have you tried individual therapy before and didn’t work?
  • Is your child having school problems?
  • Is your child’s behavior “ out of control” ?
  • Is your child having legal issues?

We would like to introduce you to TBOS –  Therapeutic Behavioral on Site Services.  TBOS allows you to receive up to 2 hours per week of intensive treatment at home and/ or in school according to the clinical needs.

A team approach is used so that you and your family are fully involved in your child’s treatment. Your therapist will provide support to strengthen your family system and identify the best ways you can work together.

If you think TBOS might be right for your family, please contact us.

Admissions Screening/Intake

The admissions department at Legacy is committed to provide our clients with the best quality of care. We have a well trained team of licensed screeners available.  Additionally, we have bilingual English and Spanish speaking admissions assistants working together as a team to answer any questions you may have. We would like to assist you during the intake, screening, and assessment process to provide you the best quality of services.

What to expect?

Once you have been referred to Legacy, one of our caring and professional admission assistants will contact you to gather necessary information and answer any questions about the admission process you may have.  A convenient appointment will be set for you to meet with a screener to complete your intake and assessment. During this appointment you will be referred to appropriate services such as: Psychological and/or Psychiatric evaluation, Medication Management, Therapy, or Targeted Case Management. You can also contact Legacy if you need services without a previous referral.


  • Children over 5 years of age and adults are eligible for services.
  • Have an insurance accepted by Legacy (Complete list below)
  • If you do not have insurance, we will assess your financial situation based on your income. This will determine if you qualify for a discounted fee by utilizing our sliding fee scale or any other funding we may have available. We also accept self-pay.

Note: We do not accept private insurances.

Documents needed for the screening

For the screening process, you will be required to bring the following identifying documentation:

  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance cards
  • Legal guardianship documents for minors
  • Birth Certificates
  • Court Orders
  • Among other necessary documents we may request.

Department contact information

To contact the Admissions Department please call 561-616-8411 and press prompt 4 or email us at:

Accepted Insurances

Accepted Insurances
Aetna Healthy Kids Medicare/Aetna
AmeriHealth Caritas (Prestige) Medicare/Sunshine (cenpatico)
CMS Title 19 Medicare/Freedom
CMS Title 21 Medicare/Humana
Clear Health Alliance Medicare/Molina
Community Care Plan (FHK) Medicare/Prestige
Devoted Health Plan Medicare/Simply
Healthsun Health Plan Medicare/Wellcare
Humana Self-pay
Magellan Health (Medicare CarePlus) Simply Healthcare
Medicaid Simply Healthy kids
Medicare Sunshine Health
Medicare United Sunshine Welfare

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